Tuesday, May 14, 2013

“Reporting from Cuba…”
   May 14, 2013-Day 5

Alicia Taisey, Havana
            As we walked up the narrow stairway in a building that almost looked like a home itself, the hot humid air was making my skin sticky from all the sweat. We got to the third floor where the NBC office of Cuba was and had no idea what we would walk in to. The door opened and there were two open rooms with only five cluttered office spaces surrounding them. Two men, with tan wrinkled skin, sat at desks while the news (in Spanish of course) was blaring in the background. The office spaces had all sorts of tapes and video equipment that was sort of messy, but in fact it was an organized mess. Roberto Leόn, cameraman for NBC News in Cuba, sat us down to explain what it is like to work for NBC as a journalist from Cuba. One of the things I keep hearing is that the stories written for Cuban media are supposed to support the revolution but he also stated that because he works for NBC and not the Cuban government, they follow the regulations of U.S. journalism. This means that what they report on does not get televised to the Cuban population. He also mentioned the limited resources they have and the issues that can arise from the lack of those resources. If any problems arise, then they need to find a way to fix it. It is not as simple as it sounds though. Leόn mentioned that simple problems will arise such as needing batteries or not having the right equipment to record the story. What can seem like an easy solution for someone in the U.S. could be a problem that is more than difficult to come up with a solution. The fact of the matter is even though Leόn works for NBC along with his coworkers, they have limited resources that can make it more difficult to get an important story out there.

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