Wednesday, May 29, 2013

An American in Cuba in Paris

Jasmine Goodwin
Reporting from Havana

HAVANA, Cuba - Le Chansonnier was unlike anything I have ever experienced EVER. We arrived at a house. Yes, a simple, Cuban-looking HOUSE. Little did I know what waited for us behind the wooden doors.

My professor was giddy with excitement, and none of us really knew why. The only thing we knew before visiting the restaurant is that it was a paladar. That means it is a privately owned establishment, and not owned or run by the Cuban government...which would probably explain the amazing experience that was to follow.

We entered the simple home, and were blown away by the retro, trendy, modern, amazing "house."

It was more like a culinary fun house full of imagination and wild decor.

The interior complimented the French food that we were served. I chose to eat duck, which was served with a sweet sauce. We also enjoyed bread, and food that appeared (and tasted like) fried fish (think fish sticks.)

Why it changed the way I eat:

Unless someone opens a fun house the serves French food in a country that is not French with a surprising interior that is geared towards adults, no restaurant will ever be able to give me this much shock-value ever again. Ever. Sorry, Pink Door.

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