Thursday, May 16, 2013

Modern Fare, Modest Price

Jasmine Goodwin
Reporting from Havana

HAVANA, Cuba - La Xana was a trendy restaurant specializing in Italian food and was located just a few blocks from our hotel. It ended up being a go-to restaurant for our group due to its location and great food, with good prices.

There were few times we saw expensive food in Cuba, however La Xana was unique because it provided the ambiance of a high-priced eatery, without the high price tag. 

In addition to Italian dishes, La Xana also served delicious sandwiches. There bread was fresh, and the service was fast and hospitable. We enjoyed our food with modern ambience, great conversation, and yummy food. 

Why it changed the way I eat:

High end ambience does not always mean a high end price, that means you, Canlis

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