Thursday, May 30, 2013

Baseball, Not Just an American Sport

Megan Clark

Reporting From Havana

Baseball, Americas’ sport, in this case though it was Cuba’s sport! The sounds filled up the stadium before you even walked in, before entering I thought there must have been thousands of people there because of the noise. By the looks of it, you would’ve thought we were at the Mariners game because of the amount of people. But the cheers and dedicated fans made you realize we were in a different place. These fans were not the fair weather fans that we are used to; they stick with their team through the ups and downs of the season.

The sound of horns and cheers erupts and the crack of the bat sends a ball flying into the outfield. Fans are on their feet overjoyed with excitement as their team scores another run. Beer and hot dogs are replaced with empanadas and water. The smell of cigars fills the air. The sounds of horns replaces the clapping and chanting that I have been used to since I was young going to baseball games. The support and love for their team is very apparent, they fight with their team until the end. Some fans are dressed head to toe in “Industriales” gear; others are wearing anything they have to support the game of baseball. There are a few familiar jerseys and hats, a Yankees jersey and an Angel’s hat is spotted in the distance, but no matter what colors they are wearing during the game, they are here to cheer on their team.  

Their team is something that is very important to them, along with the sport of baseball. Whether its children walking down the street with an Industriales cap on, or some old men discussing who’s the best player in Parque Central at the baseball corner, they love their team and are behind them 100% always!



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