Saturday, May 18, 2013

My Adventures in Cuba

Coming to an End
May 18, 2013-Day 9

Alicia Taisey, Havana
            It is about 10:00pm as we sit outside our hotel in a group, sipping on our Cuba Libres. By now we probably have had at least a few dozen of them throughout the entire trip because wherever we went, we were handed a "welcome" drink which was rude to refuse. Even at this time of night though, it was still hot and humid enough to work up a sweat. I gave up on trying to be completely sweat-free because it was inevitable that we would not be able to escape the humidity. I looked around at my peers as they discussed a variety of topics such as journalism, politics and even the crazy antics of Pullman and thought about what I will do when I get home. Needless to say, my experience in Cuba has been one that I will never forget. From the dreadful 15-hour delay at the Miami airport to sitting right next to Ed Rabel and my peers, I can honestly say that I will return to Cuba one day. It is certainly unlike any other place that I have traveled to. The streets of Havana are covered with different debris and garbage from the renovations of the streets, the air is humid and has a musky smell. Most of the buildings (unless under renovation) are past their prime to say the least. Although the Cuban civilians are friendly as can be and the culture is rich with different kinds of art, music and dancing. I also noticed how proud the civilians were to be Cuban. They have represented their country with passion and dignity by how they treated us and they also showed desire to have the same things American citizens have. As I sat conversing with Ed and my peers on this humid night, I was sad to see our adventure in Cuba coming to an end, but I know definitely know that one day I will return.

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