Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bougoris on a Budget

Jasmine Goodwin
Reporting from Havana

HAVANA, Cuba - Staying on a strict budget was very important during our trip because we were not able to use any credit cards - just the cash that we entered the country with. 

Our limited budget meant that we needed to enjoy our time in Cuba with low price tags leading the way. This was tricky because all meals had to be purchased, eating out was our only option as there was no method of preparing food at our hotel. 

A group of us ventured to Obispo street in an attempt to find a lively, delicious dinner. Numerous waiters jumped out at us - literally - trying to sway us into their respective dining establishments. Along the way, we found an awesome deal for $10 CUC. The meal would include two drinks, a choice of various meats or lobster, and dessert. 

I had never imagined that I would enjoy a generous portioned size lobster dinner for such an incredibly low price. 

The meal came quickly and the band playing live music even invited a few of the girls in our group to dance. 

It was a perfect Havana night. Food, dancing, lively flavors - could we ask for more?

Why it changed the way I eat: 

Food tastes better with dancing and lively entertainment. I will also continuously wonder why seafood is almost the most expensive items on a restaurant's menu. If you're located so near the water, shouldn't it be easy to obtain? Etta's Seafood could learn a thing or two from Cuban culinary establishments.

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