Monday, May 13, 2013

Get Around

Megan Clark
Reporting From Havana

Whether you are walking through the busy streets of Havana, taking a taxi to the Chicken Shack, or taking a tour bus to the beautiful Las Terrazas, the transportation in itself is always an adventure in Cuba. There are several different forms for short trips around the major cities or ways of traveling slightly further than the city limits. For the closer endeavors there are bicitaxis, cocotaxis, or colectivos. These all have routes that they travel along and can make stops along the way to accommodate your needs.

The bicitaxis are pedal powered taxis for your shortest endeavors, as the driver works hard to give you the best experience possible while trying his best not to pass out! This is a fun experience for those who have a little extra time on their hands and aren’t in a hurry, but I highly suggest doing it on a cooler day! Similar to the bicitaxi is the cocotaxis, unlike the pedal powered taxi; the cocotaxi is a motorized tricycle to get you around the city. If you are looking for a wind in your face adventure but don’t have time to waste, this is a faster option. Not only will you get to sight see while having the wind in your face, but you will be able to reach your destination at a more timely matter than the bike taxis. Finally in this group of three, there is the colectivos, which are the workhorses of the taxi business. You can enjoy a ride around the city in a carriage pulled by horses. These are just a few of the ways to get around the city and other close by places.


Buses and taxis can get you a little further if your destination is outside of the city limits and routes of the other options. There are Metrobuses and tour buses, if you want the authentic cramped on an overcrowded and uncomfortable bus; you could catch a ride on the Metrobus. These buses are very large and hold 300 passengers, they run along major routes and are typically for the Cuban people, unless you are up for an adventure. Most tourists take the tour buses which are nice Charter buses, or they will take a regular taxi to get where they need to go. There are many ways to get around Cuba that are fast and efficient, along with a great experience.


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